If you are a curious, internally-motivated individual, you know you can influence the way you think, feel and move. The Feldenkrais work is not for those who hope someone else will fix their problems. Instead, the Feldenkrais Method is for those who want to discover the wealth and breadth of their physical, emotional, and mental possibilities.

Developing the appropriate awareness to change long-standing habits takes time and you'll want to dive in and participate in your own process. Sometimes you'll feel you've been hibernating, other times you'll know you've only just begun the process that leads to discovery. Like a great many others, you might go away thinking, “Why didn’t I know this sooner?” 

Bears, dogs, and humans. One commonality is our resilience and adaptability, tools we can and should use to our advantage. When we do, we stand to gain . . . 

  • relief from our strains and pains 
  • posture that supports our health
  • fine-tuned attention to how we behave
  • integration of our many aspects of self
  • ability to make decisions that fit our current life
  • resilience to bounce back when all we want to do is hibernate  

So, bring your attentive nature, your belief you can change your situation, and your openness to discover new ways of doing familiar things.

International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF) Contemporary Images Project Marcela Bretschneider: project leader and director Diana Sternbach: production assistant Tomas Utillano: cinematographer Sebastian Viggiola: editor