Kim is remarkable. When I came to see her, with no experience of Feldenkrais at all, I was in severe pain on the whole left side of my body. Kim has such keen intuition that her hands tuned in to my body immediately. Not only did the simple, subtle shifts make great headway toward relieving my pain, but by teaching me alternative ways of moving and increasing my awareness of my body, she was able to put me in charge of relieving the pain myself. By the end of our second session, I was back to normal with renewed appreciation for my body’s vulnerabilities and how to care for them. Kim has a true gift! 

Susan Braverman, Coaching and Consulting

I've always felt a connection between Kim's way of offering Feldenkrais and my own spiritual and creative process. Feldenkrais is about learning through my body and about learning how to walk in all aspects of my life. After I fell down the stairs one spring, I lay in bed moving gently and with clear attention used some of the lessons from Kim's classes. I called her immediately to be guided about the steps of how to use my whole body for the simple tasks at hand--getting out of bed, into the bathroom, and, a few days later, up and down the stairs. Likewise, many times during the seven years of writing my book, Big Topics at Midnight: A Texas Girl Wakes Up to Race, Class, Gender and Herself, Kim helped me find ways to sit more comfortably at my desk and take breaks to honor my body such that my body and my words could both flow freely. It’s been such gift.

Nancy Thurston, Author and Big Topics Maven