Summer Feldenkrais Classes with Kim: The Scoop

Special 4-week class session in August 2016: The Pelvic Floor

We spent the spring working with balance and walking, now we will focus our attention to moving in even more nuanced ways. Both the Tuesday and the Friday classes will consist of four sessions from the series on pelvic floor health developed by Deborah Bowes, a Feldenkrais trainer based in San Francisco. 

Spring Feldenkrais with Kim: Schedule Update

Hello Feldenkrais Enthusiasts, 

This was the last week of our highly rewarding winter class series. I enjoyed meeting and getting to know so many new students who are no longer new students. Incredible how little time it can take to become seasoned at focusing on smaller and smaller details in such a way it leads to greater and greater freedoms. 

We'll take a week off, so no class on Tuesday, April 12 or Friday, April 15.  

Let's begin again on April 19 for the Tuesday class and April 22 for the Friday class. Both classes are full steam ahead in the discovery of awareness and expanding potential. For this 11-week session, we'll focus on increasing balance and vision for ease in walking. 

Here's the link to the class calendar. 

If you've been curious but haven't ventured out to a class yet, please drop in on any of the sessions or give me a call to discuss your personal questions. 

Strengthen Your Posture, Enrich Your Story

Lowered Blood Pressure, Reduced Migraines, the List Goes On

When she returned, she waved enthusiastically at me across the room and I went over. “You’ll never believe this. The nurse took my blood pressure and shook her head and left the room. Then, she came back with the doctor and insisted he check it himself. It has to be this class. I haven’t don't anything different and my blood pressure was so low they couldn’t believe it.”