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Neck and Jaw Comfort: Easing Out of 2016

Neck and Jaw Comfort: Easing Out of 2016

The final Feldenkrais class series of 2016 begins this week. We'll bring our focus to the comfort of the neck and jaw, the actions of which can influence the comfort and posture of the entire body. 

Lowered Blood Pressure, Reduced Migraines, the List Goes On

When she returned, she waved enthusiastically at me across the room and I went over. “You’ll never believe this. The nurse took my blood pressure and shook her head and left the room. Then, she came back with the doctor and insisted he check it himself. It has to be this class. I haven’t don't anything different and my blood pressure was so low they couldn’t believe it.”

Sitting, Standing, Turning Your Way Into Your Life

One thing has become clear to me over the 20 years I've been teaching Feldenkrais classes and private sessions, our ability to age with grace is directly linked to our ability to raise our arms overhead, walk easily up stairs, or get up and down off the floor.