Expanding Your Vision

The upcoming 6-week series begins March 23 and goes through April 27. In this series, we'll explore the use and abilities of the eyes to sense, track, and see what lies before us and beside us and out there in front of us on the path up the hill. 

Some of the activities we'll do are simple and can be done anywhere and almost any time. I once talked my husband through an eye lesson as he lay in a bone scan machine to keep his mind off the claustrophobia of the experience. The eye lesson was calming and when combined with attention to his breath, he got through the experience easily. You can talk yourself through such a sequence whenever you need to focus or rest your eyes. 

Other activities will be more complex and we'll take them slow, dissect the pieces, and then put it all together so your eyes will glide more gracefully into all the corners of your vision. We'll bring the world to you so your eyes don't have to strain and cause you headaches or neck aches. Finally, we'll organize the eyes to work in tune with the jaw and neck. Nothing is more crucial for the ease in your daily life. 

Join us for this series . . . $60 for the 6 weeks, $15 drop-in. 
Regents Center
3185 NE Regents Drive
Fridays, 10:45-11:45 

Bring a blanket or mat to lie on and a sweater and warm socks. Call, text, or email me with any questions. 

See you on the mat,