Falling Into Ourselves

This is the time of year we finish the harvest, digging through the garden to bring in the morsels before the cold weather sets in and planting the cold weather crops, those roots that grow best when its not hot. The timing was perfect for my rummaging back through Anam Cara by John O’donahue, searching for his words about the body and the soul that related to what Moshe Feldenkrais referred to as the big body, that part of you outside yourself that you live into, the space around you that contains you.

Sure enough, O’Donohue wrote: 

The body is in the soul. Your soul reaches out farther than your body, and it simultaneously suffuses your body and your mind. Your soul has more refined antennae than your mind or ego. Trusting this more penumbral dimension brings us to new places in the human adventure. But we have to let go in order to be; we have to stop forcing ourselves, or we will never enter our own belonging.

And, I’m certain our best work comes when we figure out how to let go, when we stop forcing ourselves, and when we get a glimmer of entering our own belonging. I love that experession, entering our own belonging, because maybe that’s what it is when students get up off the floor after forty-five minutes of exploration. The look on most faces is that of having entered a place within that fits and feels better than the one they arrived with. 

And I wonder if some of the wonder on some faces is also that of having opened the door into the space beyond, into the soul. The body is in the soul. 

If nothing else, the work we do in a Feldenkrais class will clear the way for you to connect with those aspects of self that are sometimes elusive when we have physical pain and stuckness. If our work is to interrupt the habits of thinking, sensing, feeling, and doing, then certainly we are concerned with letting go and with ending the forcing. 

Join me for a Fall season of turning and rolling, easing jaw and neck, and integrating one’s eyes into every activity. Maybe we’ll discover the road to entering our own belonging.  

Fall 2016 classes will be held over two sessions. Session One will be September and October. Session Two will be November and December. Visit the Class page for all the details and please notice the Fridays when class is not in session (September 16, November 4 and 25).