August Special: $59 private Feldenkrais session with Kim (when scheduled by July 4)

That's right, $59 private Feldenkrais sessions with Kim! 
The entire month of August.

Maybe you've been wanting to try the Feldenkrais hands-on lessons. We call them lessons because you're engaged in a learning process and the practitioner is guiding you through the process. While you might feel relaxed and curious, you're definitely not there to have a nap or do an aerobic workout. This is the perfect opportunity to get a sense of what it's all about. 

Even if you have experience with individual Feldenkrais sessions, you are welcome to take advantage of this special opportunity.  

If you have an interest, read carefully before signing up. 

Constraints/Rules for the $59 Feldenkrais privates. 

  1. Schedule online, by July 4. After July 4, standard pricing will apply. 
  2. Pay online or by check prior to August 1. Mail checks to Kim Cottrell, 3439 NE Sandy Blvd, #159, Portland, Oregon, 97232.
  3. Because schedules change, you may need to alter your appointment time. If there is not an alternative time for you to be seen, you'll get a full refund if the cancelation is 7 days prior to the appointment date or someone else on Kim's waiting list can take your time slot.  
  4. Altering a scheduled appointment more than one time will result in a $15 reschedule fee for each additional reschedule. The first schedule alteration is without charge, but there is no guarantee of an optional appointment time. Fees may apply. 
  5. If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your appointment or fail to show up, there will be $0 refund. 
  6. If you arrive late, your session will end at the time originally scheduled. 

Most of all, may you see this offer for what it is . . . a fun and spontaneous opportunity to deepen your awareness of self and self-image, a good way to get more lessons for less money, and a chance to take advantage of the dog days of August. What better way to keep cool than lying on the floor exploring the nuance of a movement sequence?  

Regardless of how you plan to spend your summer, take yourself along for the journey.