December Feldenkrais: Winding Down

This month brings the last three weeks of classes in 2016. We're focusing on the neck and jaw in a way that helps integrate movements of those areas with the rest of the self. 

There will be no class the last Tuesday or Friday of December. We will also not have class the first Friday of January. You can follow the calendar and keep up to date on No Class days and cancellations (infrequent, only in case I was sick and couldn't get a sub). 

Here's the link to the Classes page with the Google Calendar. 

In January, there will be no Tuesday class as I taking a couple days a week to work on my book of tales for stepmothers. Of course, there's a little Feldenkrais sprinkled in there, how could there not be? I'll see how my schedule looks from month to month and consider offering some special intensives as I've done in the past, 3-hour immersions that allow you to have a full morning of movement lessons. Of course, I'll continue to see private clients, you can book online here

Thank you for being with me this last year. What a great bit of discovery we've shared, of the individual self and of the self in a group. Moshe Feldenkrais was serious about his teaching people to overcome compulsions, the ultimate way of knowing if change had occurred was in how one was able to participate in relationships with self and with the environment. That is what we've shifted and grown over the year(s). May we carry on with that in 2017. 

My best to you,