Lowered Blood Pressure, Reduced Migraines, the List Goes On

Years ago, I taught an all-day workshop for a group of thirty women, only one of whom had ever done the Feldenkrais® work. A woman came to me after the first lesson and apologized for needing to leave but she had a mandatory doctor’s appointment and planned to return for lunch and the afternoon session. 

When she returned, she waved enthusiastically at me across the room and I went over. “You’ll never believe this. The nurse took my blood pressure and shook her head and left the room. Then, she came back with the doctor and insisted he check it himself. It has to be this class. I haven’t don't anything different and my blood pressure was so low they couldn’t believe it.”

I was reminded of this story when a current student mentioned she happened to check her blood pressure after class and it was “lower than in a very long time.” 

Feldenkrais lessons are great for lowering blood pressure, reducing migraines, and improving digestion and sleep, to name a few things, precisely because the process activates the parasympathetic nervous system, the part of the brain and nervous system that regulate bodily functions.  

I’m never more thrilled than when students gain something unexpected, especially when they’ve come to class thinking maybe they can learn how to move without pain and they go away with many extras. That’s been my experience, and I’m always thrilled to share.  

* * *