Sitting, Standing, Turning Your Way Into Your Life

Class Update: I'm on the road and Jacqueline Rubinstein, owner of SomaSpace, will cover the Tuesday class. I'll return to teach Friday at The Subud.

One thing has become clear to me over the 20 years I've been teaching Feldenkrais classes and private sessions, our ability to age with grace is directly linked to our ability to raise our arms overhead, walk easily up stairs, or get up and down off the floor.

And, while we might not think what happens in our 20s or 30s will matter in the long run, nothing could be further from the truth. Every injury, every ankle sprain, every unresolved physical, mental, or emotional aspect of our earlier life has piggy-backed along through the years, even if hidden behind the cupboard or in the furthest reaches of the closet. Those well-worn patterns influence how we enjoy the quality of our 50s, 60s, and 70s. And, as one dear friend said to me, "FYI, seventy is NOT the new fifty."

While we can't walk the clock back, we can establish and maintain increased mobility, healthy posture, and go through our years doing what we love.

That's what these Feldenkrais classes offer, strategies to work with yourself to take your best foot forward into life.