Welcome to Kim's new website and blog!

Hello friends and Feldenkrais enthusiasts, 

You'll notice I’ve been busy with a little update here and there. Okay okay, it’s really an entirely new website. I've needed to rebuild my site because the old platform it was designed on became obsolete. I’m pretty sure there’s a metaphor in there. 

While you don't need the details, you might want a few tips about the changes, especially the blog. 

First, I'm blogging about a wider array of topics. At the core, they'll continue to reflect on the ways our human behavior get acted out in our daily lives. Examination of compulsions, motivations, cross-motivations, and our reactions to these cross-motivations, all will appear here.

I have created a way for you to sign up for the information and posts you want. If you live in Austin, Texas, or Bellevue, Washington, you might not want to get the class information. You could sign up for the reflections and writings only. If you want info on classes and public workshops, you can sign up for that. If you want it all, you don’t need to do a thing.   

Important: If you want everything I post, reflections and class/event information, do nothing. The email list you signed up for will be used unless you indicate otherwise. If you want to customize your options, use the new signup at the bottom of the home page.   

Second, I’ve retained the online scheduler, Schedule Once, a very simple way to schedule a session with me. You’ll have to schedule the sessions one at a time, because that’s the capacity of this software. It’s the tradeoff for not having to create an account and password which I don’t believe in for simply making an appointment. You are still welcome to email or call or text to schedule an appointment. The scheduler is for your convenience, if you want that option. 

Finally, the last few years have seemed like a whirlwind with taking care of my dad and writing a book and my dog dying and travel, etc. My dad is doing fine, my book is coming along, and I have new plans to travel. I feel a renewed energy and vigor and will be expanding the 2016 classes and workshops for your participation. Look for updates soon.  

Here’s hoping you enjoy the new website. Let me know if you see something that doesn't make sense. As with all my media and offerings, I do all the behind-the-scenes support, I'm my own techie. That may change in the future, but right now you get me. I don’t hold myself to perfection, at least not any more and you’re more than welcome to join me here in this imperfect and interesting world in which we live and learn. 

I’ll look forward to seeing you on the floor,