(New Class) Free Tuesday Feldenkrais Classes in January

Beginning January 5th, I'll be teaching at SomaSpace in Hollywood, at 4050 NE Broadway, very near Trader Joe's and the Hollywood Theater. Whether you've been wondering about the Feldenkrais work, have taken a break and never found your way back, or regularly attend my Friday classes, you are welcome to take part in the Tuesday class.   

Normally, one payment at the beginning of each quarter is pro-rated at $10 per class and drop-ins are $15. But, for January of 2016 I decided to celebrate the new year and the new class by offering you FREE attendance in the Tuesday classes.

The Tuesday class starts at 11:00am and there are plenty of blankets available. This is a Feldenkrais class, not aerobics, so you're advised to dress in warm layers during the winter. 

. . . 

The Friday class will carry on at it's 10:45 time. This coming Friday, the 18th, we'll be doing a classic lesson called Surgeon's Hands where we'll explore the delicacy of touch and how to release your death grip on the world. After that, we've got a 2-week break and we'll resume again January 8th. 

I'll see you standing tall,