In his seminal book, The Potent Self, Moshe Feldenkrais postulated that each one of us spent our formative years in our parents' home behaving in ways that kept us safe, fed, and housed. We learned the language of our home and how to navigate within it and we thrived as best we could in the culture of that time.

Later, as we lived our lives and experienced love, loss, injury, and the general messiness of life, we learned that strategies we gained from our parents often didn't and don't work for us. And, many of us have spent years undoing those old teachings and finding the motivations and behaviors essential to our growth and maturity, outside of that childhood conditioning. Despite that, we might still struggle to become comfortable in the here and now.  

Maybe the idea of loosening the hold of the childhood conditioning resonates with you.
Or, maybe that seems like diving too deeply into the past.

Here's the good news ... you don't have to go digging in that pile of history to discover how you got where you are or why your parents did those things. You simply show up to a class or a private session with your curiosity and attentiveness. With guidance, you'll listen to your self now, particularly to your posture. We'll look for the clues in your posture to tell us the story of how you walk yourself through each day and we'll focus on making your walk simpler, easier, and more elegant.

One day, you'll notice how much freedom you feel
and the past won't loom larger than the present.